5 Ways to Burn the Easter Calories

by The Know

Did you spend the Easter weekend bingeing on chocolate eggs? Did you eat too much or enjoy a few too many drinks? Here’s our 5 ways to burning those unwanted Easter Calories!

Take the stairs

If you live in an apartment building or work in a office, walk past the easy option of the elevator and take the stairs to your floor. An easy way of adding in some sneaky exercise into your day!

Get off a stop earlier

Catch public transport to work or to a sporting event? Add in some extra exercise and get off the train/bus/tram a stop earlier. Stick in your headphones and you won’t even notice it!

20 minute exercise

If you don’t have much spare time in your week, set aside 20 minutes a day or every second day whether it be on your lunch break or getting up a little bit earlier to go for that walk or run that will add up as some great exercise by the end of each week!

Drink some H2O

Put away the fizzy drinks and alcohol and start drinking more water. You don’t need those unnecessary sugars from soft drinks and alcohol. Drink atleast 2L of water a day and stay hydrated, this will also help rid your body of those toxins that you put in it over the past week! See our 2LPD by Russell Athletic.

Swap the snacks

If you find yourself vulnerable to that chocolate bar or packet of chips, swap it for some fruit or nuts! These will fill you up just as well and also provide longer lasting energy opposed to the quick energy fix of salt and sugar.

Try adding some of these tips into your daily routine and see if you can shred those unwanted calories! Remember being consistent is the key!

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