5 Ways to Make Your Run Better!

by The Know

As a runner, I’m forever chasing that perfect run. It’s something that happens often but for me, never consistently. I may have a brilliant 10kms one day, and a woeful 5kms the next. Having a tough run can really play with your head and make you feel a lot less motivated. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can keep you motivated and out hitting the road more frequently.

Here are 5 ways to make your run better:


Get out of your mind space a bit. Create a play-list that is full of high energy tracks, songs that pump you up and motivate you, or songs that you love and can sing along to (out loud if you want!). Having music flowing through your head can help alleviate the boredom of a long run and energise you when fatigue starts to creep in.

Running App

Use an app like Strava, where you compete against yourself and also others. Getting back from a hard slog and having a PB or a top 10 will only increase your hunger to be better, and beat those around you who are running the same paths. This will also allow you to track progress on routes you use often.

Dress Appropriately

If even one part of your kit is not quite right, it can really alter your mindset. It’s so easy to transfer your energy to this one niggling issue – my sock was too low, my device holder wasn’t tight enough, my shorts were making me chafe. Take a bit of time before each run to make sure everything is as it should be. If your usual socks are getting worn, chuck them out – it will only take one run and blisters to make you unhappy with them… not to mention you won’t be able to run comfortably for a while. Check the weather before you head out, it can be so frustrating being too hot/cold/uncomfortable for a long run and it ruining your momentum.

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Plan Your Route

Planning your route enables you to maximise your run without having to stop and check distance or time. Starting a run with a desired distance or time in mind will help you achieve better results across the whole run. Knowing how far you are going can really allow you to focus on pace, and if your in your element and feeling energised – go further. Having a time limit can be great way to challenge yourself, not to mention the satisfaction that comes with fitting as many kilometres as you can into 30 minutes!


Eat enough food, drink enough water. A great way to boost a run is to fuel your body prior and for longer distances, during. Remaining hydrated throughout can be hard to achieve, make sure you either carry water with you or know where to get water on your route. Carry electrolyte gels for long distances (10km+). A banana half an hour before your run can be the perfect energy kickstart your body needs!

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