7 Benefits of Cycling

by The Know

It’s hard enough finding the motivation to go out and exercise not to mention heading out into the cold of Winter. A great alternative is cycling, whether you brave the cold outdoors or simply get on an exercise bike, a pedal session is an excellent way of getting fit without damaging your body.

We believe cycling is a great form of exercise, so check out our 7 Benefits of Cycling:

Do it at Home

Exercise bikes allow you to get your workout done indoors and out of the Winter chill. You don’t need much room for one either, you can fit one easily in a small apartment! See Our Range

Low Impact

Cycling has a lower chance of causing injury as it promotes less strain on your body compared to other forms of exercise.


All you need to know is how to ride a bike. There is no high level of skill required to ride a bike or exercise bike system.

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Stamina & Strength

Cycling increases your stamina and builds muscle strength.

Burns Fat

Cycling builds a great sweat and can help you shed those unwanted kilos!

Sitting Down

You get to sit while you fly through your exercise. What other form of exercise do you get to sit down?!

Improve Fitness

Your heart, blood vessels and lungs are all getting a great workout which leads to improved fitness levels.

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