Forget New Year Resolutions – 5 Ways to Plan for a More Joyful Year

by The Know

Contemplating making New Year resolutions, but dreading the inevitable sense of failure? Know you should make changes in your life, yet don’t want to make the same ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ resolutions as everybody else? Instead of setting unattainable goals for the coming year, you can plan for achievements that will bring more joy to your life. If you are ready to have a more passionate year, consider incorporating the following five happiness tips into your New Year resolutions.

1. Think about the places you want to travel to this year. Rank your choices from most achievable to least achievable. Develop a strategic financial plan to achieve the first item on your list. As you achieve each item on your bucket list, you can then move on to the next travel goal.

2. Contemplate your happiest memories from the previous year. Think of ways you can create similar memories during the coming year. Planning your memory making in advance helps you focus on living a year filled with heartwarming moments.

3. Develop a plan to help others this year. From your neighbors to your family members, there are numerous people in your life you can reach out to and help. Create a helping journal to track each time you helped someone in your life without expecting anything in return. By the end of the year, you will have a journal full of reminders as to your selfless acts of kindness.

4. Create a soul happiness plan. Instead of forcing yourself to make New Year resolutions that are tough to keep, make resolutions that fill your soul with happiness. Regular trips to the beach, summer evenings looking at the stars; any goal that fills you with joy is fair game for your list.

5. Choose to make this a year of pampering. Promise yourself you will treat yourself to indulgent treats over the coming 12 months. From buying yourself flowers to bubble baths or purchasing the latest music album you’ve been craving, anything that makes you feel special is an awesome addition to your pampering list.

Instead of forcing yourself to stick to New Year resolutions you’ll dread keeping each day, focus on activities that make your year more joyful. Not only will you have greater success sticking to your resolutions, you’ll live a life more rewarding and purposeful too.