How to Get Fit in Your Local Community

by Robert Laudani

Physical activity doesn’t always have to be hard work, tough or even exhausting. It can be fun and very rewarding if you incorporate exercise into your social life, whether it’s with family friends or even local community.

Think about where you live and what surroundings in your suburb could be used to participate in exercise. For example, the local area in which I reside in has an abundance of parks, playgrounds, fields and ovals, walking trails, sporting clubs and various gyms and aquatic centres. From this information we can work out various activities we can perform in our own local area.

Group Exercise with family, friends or neighbours

Social media is a very powerful tool in this day and age; try organising local fitness groups with family and friends at local parks, playgrounds and ovals. This can incorporate strength training and each participant can bring various forms of equipment to the group e.g medicine ball, dumbbells, skipping rope etc.

Walking Trails/Bike Trails

Check your local website or newspaper for events such as charity runs, walking events or even groups and find out how you can get involved. For example, the 2018 Melbourne MS Walk + Fun Run is on Sunday June 3rd, make a difference and get involved whilst being active.

Help out a local sporting team

This could be around the clubs on match-days or training sessions. For example, run water for your child’s sports team for a game or even help out with some training drills at training if there are opportunities.

Now is the time to look at some Local Fitness events or create your own challenges you could participate in within your community.

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