Keep Fit on Holiday and Still Have Fun

by The Know

You’ve worked hard all year for that ultimate beach body and now you want to show it off. Unfortunately, living the high life while eating and drinking to your heart’s content can have an adverse effect on the gains you’ve made. So how do you maintain your physical progress while still having fun and enjoying your time off?

1. Streamline your routine

If your hotel has a gym, find a half-hour to peel yourself away from the sangrias and get some quality time in. While the others have a siesta after the beach, you can maintain your gains with a time-efficient routine.

Focus on compound lifts that work more than one muscle at a time. Prioritising exercises like squats and pull-ups can give you the most beneficial results for your time. Spending some time creating an efficient routine before you leave can get your 90-minute session down to 30 minutes with only a minimal impact on your results.

2. Explore the area by foot or bike

Search out fun activities that will double as a cardio workout. Cycle through the surrounding hills. Sign up to a city walking tour. Trek between beaches. There are numerous ways to see the sights and explore your new surroundings, and often walking or cycling will open your eyes to views that you might have missed in a car or bus.

3. Combine leisure and exercise

Does your hotel pool have a water polo activity? Sign up. Does the local beach have volleyball nets? Organise a game. There are many fun activities to take part in that get your heart racing. Combining sports and exercise is a great way not only to work out, but also to meet other like-minded people. Challenge your new friends to a swimming race in the ocean to see who is the real holiday fitness champion.

4. Alter your drinking habits

Tailor your drinking habits to your dietary needs. Research which drinks contain fewer calories and plump for them. Skip the beer and go for the low-carb vodka soda or beautiful Australian white wine. You can still partake in the late-night festivities while limiting your caloric intake.

5. Intermittent fasting

If you want to maintain your diet while still indulging in the joys of eating in fancy restaurants during the evening, intermittent fasting may be for you. By completely restricting your food intake for a portion of the day, you can consume all of your calories in one period when you all go out for that fancy meal. If you don’t mind skipping lunch by the beach-bar, you can indulge guilt-free at the time of your choosing while keeping control over your dietary intake.

Ultimately, the balance between enjoying yourself on holiday and keeping your level of physical fitness is a balance everyone must find for themselves. If you prioritise fun and indulgence over your workout regimen, you must be prepared to lose some muscle mass or cardio ability. However, preparation and discipline can minimise the negative effect on your progress while allowing you to still enjoy the trip of a lifetime.