PTP Microband – Light



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Specifically designed to target glutes, hips and shoulders, the PTP MicroBand can be used to develop muscle tone and improve joint mobility & stability at the same time. The small loop design is ideal to promote small range of motion and add challenge to physio exercises, like side-to-side walks, forward/backward leg extensions and external shoulder rotations. At just over 5 kg, the Light MicroBand is recommended for individuals with limited muscle strength, who are more interested in body toning than muscle mass building. Use the Light MicroBand before a workout to condition your hips, buttocks and shoulders and prevent injuries or to recover quicker as part of a rehab program.

– Great booty-busting tool

– 5.3 kg (11.7 lb) worth of resistance

– To improve joint function, prevent injuries or assist in rehab

– For upper and lower body muscle tone and stability

– Over 30 exercises included to make the most of your training

– Easy on the joints thanks to elastic resistance (progressive tension)

– Made from premium latex for unrivalled durability and performance

Resistance level: 5.3 kg

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