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Designed for already strong individuals or with an advanced fitness level, the Orange/Heavy PowerTube+ is particularly useful to build on existing strength and add muscle definition. With a weight equivalent of 12.4 kg, this PowerTube+ provides a great level of challenge. Incorporating our custom-built handles and Inner Cord Technology [I.C.T innovation], the PowerTube+ combines the best in comfort and safety. The 50+ exercises included let you recreate all the top gym exercises at home or while travelling. All you need is a door to set up the anchor provided and train from various heights and in multiple directions.

– For muscle building, strength, definition and fat burning

– Unique safety Inner Cord Technology to prevent overstretching & snapping

– Easy on the joints thanks to the progressive resistance provided

– Safer alternative to weight training with the same results

– Allows to perform multi-planar exercises

– 50+ exercises featured to target arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs

Resistance level: Heavy – 12.4 kg

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