Sneaking Exercise into your Busy Day

by The Know

It seems that the typical excuse to not getting enough daily exercise is being ‘too busy’ and ‘not having enough time’. So if you’re struggling to find time to be active in your hectic-busy lifestyle try out some of our sneaky tips to get some exercise into your busy day!

How long is your lunch break? 45 minutes or an hour? Eat your lunch at your desk then swap your heels or business shoes for some runners and venture outside for some sun (hopefully) and a good 45 minute to hour walk. If you only have a 30 minute break, get out there for 30 minutes! Walking at lunchtime will relieve some office-stress and on a sunny day you will get some much-welcomed Vitamin D!

Catch public transport to work? Get off a stop earlier! This may require you to leave home 10 minutes earlier but getting off the train or bus one stop earlier than normal will get your feet moving your blood flowing in the morning! Whether it be an extra 100 metres or 1km get off early and feel better before getting to the office! Then on the way home get off a stop before your house/car and finish your day with a walk in which you wouldn’t normally go on!

Or for those who drive to work, park a little further away from your building. Even if it’s only a couple streets further, the extra 5 minute walk will be worth it as you’ll have to back to your car after work.

By trying out these sneaky tips in your workday you should be able to notch up anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour of exercise in your “extremely busy” day at the office. So realistically you do have plenty of time in your day to get some exercise when you think about it so why not try it out!

Ps. Bring an umbrella along on those not so beautiful days..

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