SportsPower Local Legend: Dane Waites

by The Know

Meet Dane,

Our local legend from Bega Valley

Dane was nominated by Shannon to be a SportsPower local legend. Here is what Sharon had to say.

Dane is a local legend in the Bega Valley. He is renowned for running 50kms per day, 6 days a week, promoting awareness for Autism and mental health research. He is an integral part of his community; his charisma, engaging smile and determination not only inspire his peers but the younger generation. Dane is now taking his message and with the support of the local community, going to run 4000kms across Australia.

After that nomination, we wanted to have a further Q&A with Dane to really understand this legend.

How did you get into your chosen sport?

After moving to the Bega Valley a friend introduced me to City2Surf and I loved it, been running ever since.

Do you have a favourite brand, product, or range that you like to buy from SportsPower?

I buy my Skins from SportsPower – I only wear Skins, so I highly rate these, they give me the compression and support that I need to feel comfortable running long distances (endurance running)

Nike running shirts in fluoro yellow and orange – to make me more visual to oncoming traffic and yellow and orange are my favourite colours.

What are some of your training tips?

Stay hydrated! My choice is Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel, I like the lemon-lime flavour.
Eat a balanced diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables, I eat vegetarian meals quite a few nights a week.
Prior to every run, I have a stretching routine, where I stretch my legs for the long run ahead.
I train on both sand and road surfaces, I find the sand is good for strengthening my muscles.
I also receive regular remedial massages.

How do you stay motivated?

I enjoy routine, running clears my mind of everyday challenges and puts me in a good headspace.

What’s your favourite quote/s?

No pain, no gain!

Who is your sporting legend?

  1. Cliffy Young
  2. “Forrest Gump”
  3. The late Ron Clarke
  4. Pat Farmer

What else can you tell us about your story

Please refer to – to see the amazing endurance run of 4000kms, the total of 100 marathons, 4 states, 3 time zones, across Australia to create an awareness of autism and mental health, while raising funds for research.

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