SportsPower Local Legend: Diane Webb

by The Know

Meet Diane,

Our local legend from Launceston

Diane was nominated by Tracey to be a SportsPower local legend. Here’s what Diane had to say…

Di did her first marathon in 2015 at the age of 47. That wasn’t enough. Early 2017 Di completed her first half ironman race qualifying for the 2017 ITU Age Group Multi-Sport World Championships in Canada (18th – 27 August 2017). In her professional life, Di works to help others; she inspires, motivates and supports. Di is this kind of person you follow and as a friend, she always catches you.

After that nomination, we wanted to have a further Q&A with Diane to really understand this legend.

How did you get into your chosen sport?

As a 39-year-old mum, I wanted to run 10km before I turned 40.

My second 10km fun run as part of training for my 1st half marathon I sustained a back injury, which took me away from running for over 18mth-2 years – so I started to swim.

Sick of just swimming and advised not to run I got on a bike. My son bought me my first pair of cleats for Mother’s Day.

I started to run small distances again (thinking that would be all I would ever do ) but it didn’t last long and I set my sights on fulfilling my goal of a half marathon. That was the beginning of a number of halves and a full marathon.

Until just over 18mths ago good friends encouraged me to put it all together and do a triathlon…and that’s when I started challenging myself beyond what I ever thought or believed I could do. I love the challenge, the variety the sport offers but most of all I enjoy the people and friendships I have because of it.

Do you have a favourite brand, product, or range that you like to buy from SportsPower?

I like anything that fits and wears well. SportsPower has a great range and I can usually find something that fits (I’m quite small).  Some of the brands I’ve had and enjoyed in the past include 2XU tights, Skins, Brooks, Running Bare, and Nike.

What are some of your training tips and advice you have been given?

Train smart! Slogging it out and doing the same old things does help you improve but it sure makes you tired!

It’s so much about your head (thinking) it gives up long before your body. Train your thinking!

Rest is an equally important part of training.

Eat well! Put the right fuel in (real food).

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

Training can be fun, depends who you do it with.

How do you stay motivated?

Train with others…have fun, make it social.

Have a goal but break it into steps so you can see yourself moving towards it.

What’s your favourite quote/s?

Magic happens outside your comfort zone!

Live your dreams!

Fake it till you make it!

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.

We are what we think so change your thinking.

Sometimes we are our biggest barrier, get out of your own way!

There will be days when I don’t know if I can do a long course triathlon (or a marathon or whatever) but there will be a lifetime knowing I have.

Who is your sporting legend?

I don’t have a sporting legend I’m inspired by everyday people who do extraordinary things.