SportsPower Local Legend: Harrison Lee

by The Know

Meet Harrison,

Our local legend from Mudgee

Harrison was nominated by Catherine to be a SportsPower local legend. Here’s what Catherine had to say…

Harry is dedicated to the game of rugby. Not only does he play for Mudgee in the under 17 and colts senior team, he coaches the under 7’s. He also plays in the central west team and has just been selected for the CCC team as prop. His dedication to the club and sport is widely admired.

After that nomination, we wanted to have a further Q&A with Harrison to really understand this legend.

How did you get into your chosen sport?

I had always aspired to play rugby, growing up watching my father play for the Port Macquarie Pirates with my Uncle, both of whom had played at various representative levels. I started playing rugby league in under 7’s (due to the required age of rugby union being older). In under 10’s I finally joined a rugby club, the Tamworth Tri-Colours, before moving to the Mudgee and joining the Mudgee Rugby Union Club, the Wombats in 2011 and haven’t turned back since. The Mudgee Rugby Club are like family and I wear the red, white and blue with immense pride.

Do you have a favourite brand, product, or range that you like to buy from SportsPower?

I tend to go with Asics football boots because they accommodate a broad foot and are tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of a rugby union prop.

What are some of your training tips?

Never give up! You mustn’t give up on your goals, and always keep striving to improve yourself. A knock back from a representative team gives you a goal to aim for, to improve yourself and come back stronger the next year. I’ve had several knockbacks and it makes you appreciate your position more when you do finally achieve it.

How do you stay motivated?

Taking the next step. Each team you make is a stepping stone to the next. You strive to make a representative team, once you have one under your belt you work hard and go for the next one.

What’s your favourite quote/s?

“I don’t believe in magic, I believe in hard work” – Ritchie McCaw

Who is your sporting legend?

Ritchie McCaw. I think Ritchie McCaw is a great rugby player, a great leader and a hard worker. Ritchie is the only person to captain a team to two World Cup victories, in the best team in the world at rugby. I believe that is a massive achievement. Ritchie also believed that you can only make it so far on natural talent, and he needed to work hard to improve himself to become a GAB.

What else can you tell us about your story…

I help to coach sub-juniors
I love to referee sub-juniors
I received the award for Junior Clubman a few years ago
I have played for: Central West, Far North Coast, New England, NSW Country, Bathurst Diocese, NSW Combined Catholic Colleges
I have Assistant Referreed for the NSW PSSA championships
I have Assistant Referreed at the NSW State championships
I was Assistant Coach for St Matthews primary rugby team
I love rugby and being around the game, I even love helping in the canteen

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