SportsPower Local Legend: Lakaya Geard

by The Know

Meet Lakaya,

Our local legend from Launceston

Lakaya was nominated by Tessa to be a SportsPower local legend. Here’s what Tessa had to say…

Lakaya is 9 years old and is in love with her surf life-saving. She swim-trains during the week after school and nipper trains one morning a week before school and on weekends. It’s amazing how committed a kid can be.

After that nomination, we wanted to have a further Q&A with Lakaya to really understand this legend.

How did you get into your chosen sport?

My mum, aunt and uncle all did surf lifesaving, and I would sit on the beach watching my uncle train and compete. I love the beach. It really looked like fun and I wanted to go to carnivals and compete and to become a really good swimmer.

Do you have a favourite brand, product, or range that you like to buy from SportsPower?

I love the Speedo swimwear, as they last forever (or until I grow out of them).  I also love the Nike brand of shoes for running practice.

What are some of your training tips and best piece of advice you were given that made you better?

You need to lift your legs up when running through the water and dolphin dive when the waves come, so you can go faster.  If the waves are strong you must remember to try to grip the sand with your hands to stop you from washing back to the beach.

When you feel tired during a race, don’t give up, just push to get to the finish line, no matter where you finish.

How do you stay motivated?

I love seeing my friends I’ve made at the beach at training and carnivals, and look to my meat pie at the end of it all.

What’s your favourite quote?

If you don’t try you won’t succeed.

Who is your sporting legend?

I look up to my family.  My uncle, aunt and mum all represented Tasmania growing up.  I loved to watch my uncle compete and thought I want to be able to do what he did.

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