SportsPower Local Legend: Sally McBain

by The Know

Meet Sally,

Our local legend from Geraldton

Sally was nominated by Lyndel to be a SportsPower local legend. Here is what Lyndel had to say…

After having a major surgery on her foot, she’s back umpiring and coaching netball players, never complains she’s a local legend.

After that nomination, we wanted to have a further Q&A with Sally to really understand this legend.

How did you get into your chosen sport?

I always followed my older sister to her sporting events. I got the opportunity to play on her Netball team as a fill-in one day. I was only about 6 or 7 years old and from that day on I was hooked. Eventually, I joined a junior competition and started playing for my local school team. I loved every minute of it. I also started umpiring at a very young age. I had a great mentor to teach me. She was a teacher at my school and was really responsible for getting me started. Living in a small town there wasn’t much else to do but play sports and Netball was very big back when I was young. I loved the game we had so much fun meeting up on a Saturday and playing in the rain on old outside courts. The bumps and scraped knees were so worth it, and of course, we didn’t win all the time but no one even cared. I played netball for many years but had to give it up due to injuries. I have three children, I am still umpiring and coaching today and I also organise social, mixed netball on a Monday night. I love the involvement and love watching kids who I coached many years ago now bring their kids to play the game we all love.

Do you have a favourite brand, product, or range that you like to buy from SportsPower?

I have to admit I’m not normally a brand buyer but I do like the New Balance netball shoe range. I don’t have tiny feet so it’s very hard to find a good quality shoe that fits. I don’t do much in the workout area anymore so I have no need for speciality clothing. Shoes are definitely my weak point.

What are some of your training tips or piece of advice you were given that made you better?

I don’t play netball anymore but I have continued my love for the sport through coaching and umpiring. I have coached little kids right up to A Grade level. I tell them the same thing every time we start a new season You have got to love the game and put 100% of yourself to the game and your teammates. You are playing because you want to be there not because someone has told you to be there. The best advice I was ever given as a team member was:  Love what you do, enjoy what you play and you will be rewarded in so many ways. I always remembered my old coach telling me “Sports is here to enjoy, and don’t judge or punish yourself no matter what may happen.”

How do you stay motivated?

I have three beautiful children and even though they are growing up quickly I know they will always need me for something. I have recently bought a business so that keeps me busy too.

What’s your favourite quote/s?

I love the saying: You’re never too old. I don’t like the “Break a leg” saying (It’s a bit of a taboo for some sports).

Who is your sporting legend?

I have always idolized the Great Muhammad Ali. I loved watching him in the ring on TV. His speeches were so uplifting to the point of arrogance. He inspired so many people. A true sporting hero in my eyes.