What are the Benefits of Compression?

by Robert Laudani

When designing a sportswear garment it is imperative to consider the key design and market factors such as, comfort, performance, protection and aesthetics. Notably, three of the factors are related to functionality and the other related to fashion.

In today’s world compression garments have become vastly popular. Lets discuss some of the qualities and benefits these garments provide within the key design and market factors.


Comfort is the most important attribute a consumer looks for when purchasing apparel. Some of the other characteristics are brand, design, colour, fabric, fashion, fit and price. Comfort impacts an individual’s well-being, performance and efficiency. It also plays a big role in the chemistry between the body, climate and clothing.

Clothing or compression garments in this matter help maintain a heat balance throughout the body during various levels of physical activity. Additionally, it improves thermal insulation (breathability and moisture management).


As stated above compression clothing helps maintain the correct thermal environment. Therefore, optimizing physiological function and human performance. The fit of the garment, particularly in compression gear tailors to the body, thus making the body more aerodynamic, which in turn reduces wind resistance making you faster and more agile.

Another benefit of compression is the freedom of movement or ‘ease’. There can be two forms of ease when styling a garment, positive and negative.

– Positive: Improves the freedom of body motion (flexibility) and as stated previously influence aerodynamics.

– Negative: Reduces muscle vibration and muscle fatigue (loss of energy in muscles) and helps reduce blood lactate levels.

Promotes improved blood flow to the heart, when the pressure of the garment is maximized around the extremities and declines on the way back to the heart.


Acts as a protective layer over the skin, helping reduce abrasion.

– Thermal resistance

– Protects your skin from weather and the elements


If it looks good it is more likely to be purchased. People not only wear compression garments for physical activity but as a fashion statement.

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