Pay No Interest Ever!

Payment Plan from Certegy Ezi-Pay now available at SportsPower*

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express, Australia’s favourite retail payment plan is a “revolvingcredit account” that allows you to purchase goods or services today, by paying an initial deposit, with the remaining balance conveniently direct debited fortnightly. The application is simple with no invasive questions and can be done right in store.

Best of all, there is No Interest Ever!

What are the set up fees & charges for a Certegy Ezi-Pay Express Plan?

When you make your initial purchase, Certegy will open a Continuous Credit Account for you. With this initial purchase, you will pay a once off establishment fee to set up your Account, which is payable over the term of the purchase plan. The Account will provide you access to online information about your purchase(s), credit schedule(s), available credit, access to the contact certegy enquiry page and other benefits. There is a monthly account keeping fee which will be direct debited while your account remains active.

Are there any other charges?

There is a nominal payment processing fee to process each repayment. Please remember that your payment plan has No Interest Ever! Please refer to the “Terms and Conditions” in store for further details.

Can I close my Account and are there any charges?

Once your purchase(s) have been paid in full and your Account balance is zero, you can cancel via written notice to Certegy Ezi-Pay using contact certegy or via your online Account. There are NO additional fees for closing your Account or paying out early.

*Certegy Ezi-Pay Express, may not be availabe at all participating stores, please contact Your Local Expert for further details or check online here.