General FAQ's

General FAQ's

Is SportsPower a franchise?

All SportsPower stores are independently owned and operated and are members of Associated Retailers Limited (ARL); a co-operative that operates under the Franchising Code of Conduct.


How do I apply for sponsorship or a donation?

As you can imagine the National Support Centre receives numerous requests for assistance, however budget constraints prevent us from assisting everyone; therefore we suggest that you contact your local SportsPower store directly.


Do you have this product in stock?

The SportsPower Support Office does not have access to the stock levels of all stores. The Find In Store button on product pages will tell you if stores do have stock, and give you the contact details of stores close to you so you can check.

If a product is available to be purchased online it will be indicated by an Add To Cart button option on the product page. 


I placed and order online and it hasn’t been delivered?

If you have purchased here on and it hasn't arrived you can contact the team via the Contact Us form or alternatively check the tracking email you received when your order was shipped.

In addition, a number of SportsPower stores run their own websites independent of SportsPower Australia, we do not have access to individual store websites and customer orders’; therefore you will need to contact the store that you ordered with direct; this will be listed on your receipt or invoice. Contact details for all SportsPower stores can be found here:


The price on the website is different to the one in store?

As each SportsPower store is independently run they set their own pricing policies. The prices on this website indicate the Supplier Recommended Retail Price (RRP) unless otherwise indicated. Individual stores are not obligated to comply with the supplier's RRP.

Sale or promotional prices listed are always linked with a participating store listing, for information regarding the sale or promotional price we suggest that you contact your local store.


The product I bought is damaged?

You will need to contact the store that you purchased the item from directly to discuss any problems with your purchase.


I bought the wrong size can I return my purchase to any SportsPower store?

Speak to the store that you purchased from first and ask if they can help you to facilitate and exchange with another SportsPower store. Unfortunately as all stores are independently owned and do carry different stock it is not always possible.


How can I get my products ranged at SportsPower?

The SportsPower Product Team is always looking for new and innovative products so simply complete the Contact Us form and we will pass your email over to the team and should they wish to gain further information they will contact you directly.


I need proof of purchase who do I talk to?

Talk to the team where you originally purchased the product from they will be able to assist you.


Are spare parts available?

Depending on the age of the product the store where you purchased the product should be able to help you in obtaining spare parts.


I changed my mind can I return my purchase?

Each store may have a different policy when it comes to change of mind returns, contact the store that you purchased from.


Do all stores accept SportsPower Gift Cards?

No, unfortunately some stores do not accept gift cards, we suggest you check with your local store before visiting.