SKINS are the pioneers of Compression Sportswear. Without SKINS, there would be no Compression Sportswear. Since 1996, the SKINS mission has been, and always will be, to help those in their pursuit of athletic excellence.

The unique gradient compression, advanced panelling and warp-knit fabrics in our compression are what help us stand out from the competition and are what help enhance performance and speed up recovery for the athletes who wear it.

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SERIES-1 offers medium compression and is ideal team sports, daily training and wear, and athletes who are new to compression.

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SERIES-3 is all the best parts of the A400 range updated to meet the demands of today's athletes. Medium-high compression means SERIES-3 is ideal for sports over 1,500m.


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Never underestimate an accessory. Small but mighty, SKINS accessories are constructed with the same technology as our other garments. There's a reason they're so popular.


We have a responsibility to people, animals and the planet, which is why we are working consciously, at every step, to ensure we are doing the best for all.  


SKINS aren't clothes. They're equipment. SKINS Compression are engineered to improve performance and make your workouts more effective. Constructed with a specialised fabric, SKINS provide targeted support to key muscle groups, helping to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness. This allows athletes to train harder and longer, leading to better results.