SportsPower is a proud partner of TreadLightly, a national recycling program that takes unwanted shoes and active lifestyle footwear and recycles it to give it a new life.


The program is part of our wider commitment to take accountability for footwear waste in Australia. TreadLightly is an industry-led program empowering brands, retailers and consumers to save footwear from landfill - where it can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

If you have any pre-loved footwear laying around, you can visit one of SportsPower stores listed below and drop off your shoes to be recycled responsibly. The TreadLightly recycling partner will then give them a new life as mats or flooring for retail stores, like SportsPower Wangaratta, gyms and playgrounds.

The TreadLightly goal is to collect over one million pairs of footwear from Aussies to recycle by 2023, so do your bit and join the TreadLightly mission by recycling your old shoes.



The program is already achieving fantastic results, check out this article from the Wangaratta Chronicle:

Thanks to the Wangaratta Chronicle and Leah Anderson-Byrne for allowing us to reproduce their article.
So next time you are in your local SportsPower store keep an eye out for the TreadLightly bin and together we can step into a better future!
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