Have you done the hard work? Put in the k's? Have you been lifting? You've been training hard, but.....  Are You Game Ready? SportsPower has everything you need to make this winter season your best ever.

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The ASICS football boot range has you covered across all codes no matter what style of football you play. Their boots feature HG10mm technology, helping to reduce strain on the legs and keep you on the pitch longer.  

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Control + accuracy = confidence. When the goal's in your sights, target perfection with adidas.

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It's game on with New Balance football boots. Control the pitch through speed and agility with a pair of New Balance football boots.

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It is no secret that netball is one of the most punishing sports on footwear and the lower limbs. When it comes to the comfort and durability of your ASICS netball shoes it is vital to consider two very important factors: your technique and the surface that you are playing on.

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The AFL's ball of choice has been in the hands of players all over Australia for more than 100 years. Gear up for the season with Sherrin’s huge range of footy’s, which are perfect for kick-to-kick at training and getting you ready for match day. 

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Match, training & development rugby league balls plus NRL supporter, State of Origin & NRL Touch licensed balls. Along with a comprehensive range of headgear and shoulder pads endorsed by superstars Jahrome Hughes (NRL) & Angus Brayshaw (AFL). 

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SportsPower has all the gear for your Winter '23 season. Check out the latest catalogue.

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Check out the range of the latest boots from all the big brands like adidas, ASICS, New Balance and Nike, match day and training balls from Gilbert, Sherrin, Steeden and protection and training gear to take your game to the next level. Whether you kick, flick-pass, mark, nutmeg, dribble, checkside, score or save your local SportsPower store knows what's best for you, your game and your code.

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We know Netball. We know that you need shoes that keep up with you whether you are C, GK or WD. We know that Netball and Running shoes may appear similar but they’re not. Netball shoes are designed to pivot, change direction, jump, land, take off quickly and stop suddenly. Your local SportsPower store has netball specific footwear for all surfaces and positions. With balls from Gilbert or equipment for fine-tuning your skills at home we've got it all this netball season.

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