Zoggs champions the joy of swimming for everybody! The Aussie brand is passionate about designing innovative, high quality and eco-friendly swimwear and swimming equipment that absolutely everybody can trust in – from beginners to outdoor swim adventurers. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do and their ambition is to become a greener, more eco-conscious brand.

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Zoggs offers high quality and comfortable swimwear for all swimmers. Designed in their eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, all Zoggs swimwear looks and feels amazing.

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Zoggs makes innovative goggles and quality swim equipment that everyone trusts in. Zoggs has reduced plastic in their goggle packaging by 57% and use recycled, recyclable or reusable packaging materials.


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Zoggs Stages of Swim Development help you incorporate fun, safety and learning into every swim. Their products are designed and categorised to suit your child’s swim stage!


Zoggs has categorised their Learn To Swim products into three Stages of Swim Development

1. Start to Swim

2. Learn to Swim

3. Confident Swimmers.

With colour coded packaging, this makes it super easy to choose the right products to suit your child’s swim stage!


Zoggs is taking action. They are on a mission to reduce their impact as a business on the environment. From greener packaging and reduction of single use plastics, to recycled fabrics made from plastic bottles – Zoggs believes in doing everything they can to preserve our planet for the future.