Your Guide to Strength & Fitness Equipment


Treadmills offer you a flexible way to exercise regardless of whether or not the weather chooses to accommodate your fitness regime.

Walking or running on a treadmill works the same muscles that pounding the footpath or road outdoors does without the risk of uneven surfaces, cars reversing out of driveways and the occassional landmine of doggy doo.

However, one of the main differences is that you can easily adjust the speed and incline and walking on a treadmill may help improve cardiovascular health and burn calories leading to weight loss - bonus!


There is a common misconception that a rowing machine only works your arms - wrong! A rowing machine targets a whole heap of other areas including the upper back, pecs, abdominals and your obliques and can also assist to strengthen your quads, calves and glutes.

Rowing is a truly intense workout and you don't have to be one of the Oarsome Foursome to get the most out of your rowing machine. Rowing is a low-impact exercise making it a great activity for young and old.



They say that boxing helps reduce stress, improves your sleep quality and improve your confidence, but it also is known to assist your cardiovascual health, your overall body strength, your hand-eye co-ordination, increase your muscle mass and aid with better stamina and endurance.

If you have the urge to punch the living suitcase out of something, relief isn't the only thing that you will feel, so go ahead but we do suggest that you use a boxing bag.


If you love to cycle to keep fit why not take your fitness plans indoors and avoid helmet hair, pollution and of course the dreaded magpie swooping season.

Adding an exercise bike into your training schedule is an efficient and effective way to burn calories and body fat while assisting to strengthen your heart, lungs and lower body muscles.

An exercise bike is known to put less stress on your joints than some other forms of exercise but still provides an amazing workout and all from the comfort of your home.


Strength and resistance training was developed to help improve muscular fitness by exercising specific muscles or muscle group against resistance, 

You don't have to aspire to look like Arnie in his heyday to get into strength and resistance training, if you want to build lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, burn calories, boost your metabolism, increase bone density and improve your posture, balance, stability and just feel good about yourself then strength and resistance training might just be for you.


Boo to waiting in line, boo to being asked to quicken your reps and a big boo to wiping someone elses sweat off the seat. If you are looking to maintain muscle tissue, increase strength, improve bone health and control body fat then you don't have to brave the gym you can have the perfect fitness set up just for you and only you in your very own home with our great range of benches, squat racks and home gyms.

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